Research & Campaigns:

The stories our clients tell us make us aware of the problems faced by people in our community and all over the UK.

Citizens Advice collects evidence of clients' problems and uses this to campaign for changes in national and local policies and services. We have a key role in speaking up for clients, raising issues brought to us, contributing to public debate and informing legislation.

Our research and campaign work covers a huge range of issues including consumer, debt, housing, benefits, immigration, employment, legal matters and health. We work with policy makers, regulators, MPs, Assembly Members and service providers. Read more...

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We get to know about some local issues by talking to our clients, but we want to hear from everyone in the community, not just those who need our help.  Is there a local issue that you would like us to research? 

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Universal Credit

Citizens Advice has been working to address some of the issues experienced by clients applying for Universal Credit.

  Universal Credit campaign outcomes


  Read how Universal Credit is affecting Dorset residents, including a number of case studies

Digital Access

There is a growing expectation that many tasks should be completed digitally whether that’s applying for a job, shopping, personal banking or making a benefit application. This makes sense for those who are able to do so and is seen as an efficient and effective delivery of services by service providers. However  it is becoming apparent that not everyone is able to engage digitally or wishes to do so. As a result evidence suggests there is a digital divide and some members of our communities have been left behind and are unable to access vital resources.

This report details an analysis carried out in Dorset to investigate the issues associated with digital access in the local population.


     Research outcomes summary


   Outcome presentation


      Full report of research

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are becoming an essential part of everyday life. Yet despite being described as the “fourth utility”, research conducted by Citizens Advice found that mobile phone debt collection practices in the UK are falling behind when compared to similar markets, such as energy and water. This must change.

Citizens Advice is campaigning for fairer debt collection practices across the mobile phone sector that work better for everyone: clients, advisers, and suppliers. Read more about the 'Dialling Down Debt' Campaign on the Citizens Advice wesite.


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